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Episode 1: Mutual Aid as a Way of Life—with Zev Friedman

In this episode, I interview Zev Friedman, a resident of Earthaven Ecovillage and the founder and creative director of Co-operate WNC. Listen in as we discuss how Americans of European ancestry have lost our indigeneity and how we can (slowly) reclaim it; creating cultural capacity vs. striving for purity; regenerative and relational economics; holistic carbon accounting; disaster cooperativism; judicious deindustrialization; how to transform kudzu from problem to solution; tribal constellations vs. the nuclear family; conflict as a gateway to growth; why the best-laid permaculture plans often fail; and the genius of the regional scale.

Episode 2: Inside Biosphere X—with Acre Qiu (Part 1)

In this two-part conversation, I talk with Acre Qiu—of Biosphere X and Newburgh, New York—about urban homesteading, preparing for the next mass movement, statism, the Dunbar number, hypernormalization in Russia and China, omnigamy, what’s missing from modern life, the dangers inherent in participating in getting what you need to survive (and thrive), temporary hierarchy, keeping guinea pigs, financial independence, gaining sovereignty over one’s time, and the joys and hazards of building a tribe.

Episode 3: Inside Biosphere X—with Acre Qiu (Part 2)

Episode 4: Post-Cult Thrival—with Gerette Buglion

In this episode, I talk with Gerette Buglion, author of An Everyday Cult and co-creator of #igotout, about the number one cult myth, the cult of Trump, the patterns common to how cult members claim their freedom, writing as a form of reckoning, how it feels to step into heresy, and how cult dynamics play out in the wider world.

Episode 5: From the Anthropocene to the Ecozoic—with Cara Judea Alhadeff (Part 1)

In this two-part conversation, I talk with Cara Judea Alhadeff—author, most recently, of Zazu Dreams—about the Ecozoic Era, biocentrism, communion with all beings, social permaculture, friction as a source of fertility, the unnatural aspects of natural building, reimagining waste, trading convenience culture for a field of abundance, why “renewable” energy will not save us, how COVID could have paused us, humanure, vaccines and informed consent, a day in a life in a petro-free world—and apricots.

Episode 6: From the Anthropocene to the Ecozoic—with Cara Judea Alhadeff (Part 2)

Episode 7: Connect by Disconnecting—with Stephen Kurczy (Part 1)

In this two-part conversation, I talk with Stephen Kurczy, author of The Quiet Zone, about the fringe groups that have followed the Green Bank Observatory—and its restrictions on wireless communications—to Pocahontas County, West Virginia; Patch Adams’s illusory hospital; why the media pretends that the Quiet Zone is quieter than it is; Internet addiction; whether Zendik Farm was a sex cult; the tyranny of digital “connectivity”; how quiet can breed pathology; and the upside of going offline.

Episode 8: Connect by Disconnecting—with Stephen Kurczy (Part 2)

Episode 9: Backtrack to the Future—with Evan Pritchard

In this episode, I talk with Evan Pritchard, founder of the Center for Algonquin Culture and author of umpteen books, about “Backtrack to the Future: A Seven-Part Solution for the Great American Meltdown.” He reveals: the Native American origins of the Rainbow Gathering; how to meet outdoors even in harsh weather; how to eat—and sweat—for maximal health; how to commute, travel, and transport goods without fossil fuels; how to resist inflammatory rhetoric, using the Way of the Heron; and more!

Episode 10: Live vs. Dead Power—with Gregg Zuman

In this episode, I talk with Gregg Zuman, founder and principal of NYC-based trike-services company Revolution Rickshaws, about his quest to wean urban logistics off fossil fuels. Like Evan Pritchard of the Center for Algonquin Culture (my guest on episode 9), he’s heading back to the future. Listen up to find out why trikes have not yet taken over the world—and how they still might!

Episode 11: How to Trip on Life—with Verdant Nolan (Part 1)

In this two-part conversation, I talk with Verdant Nolan, former Zendik warrior and current President of The Organic Gardener, about how thoughts create results (hint: NOT through the Law of Attraction), what people get wrong about money and selling, the revolving door between outer and inner work, coaching versus criticizing, saving the world versus loving it, growing food in cities, the freedom you find when you allow for uncertainty, and the wonder of tripping on Spaceship Earth.

Episode 12: How to Trip on Life—with Verdant Nolan (Part 2)

Episode 13: Turn Turds into Ass-ets—with Ben Brownlow

In this episode, I talk with Ben Brownlow, of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, about our gross national poop product, why poop and water don’t mix (whereas poop and biochar definitely do), why using a flush toilet is like putting a turd in a Lamborghini, how humanure harvesting strengthens collective identity, why processing human poop used to be a profitable business (and how it could be again), and an unfortunate encounter between a drunk Rabbit and an outhouse.

Episode 14: The Beauty of Bar Fights—with Roman McClay (Part 1)

In this vintage two-part conversation, I talk with Roman McClay, author of the epic novel SANCTION, about creating a mind virus, helping sigma males decode themselves, appreciating forest fires and bar fights, embracing the looming failure of the American experiment, and how to declutter the world.

Episode 15: Mourning a Murderer

The day after I reissued Part 1 of my 2019 interview with Roman McClay/Lyndon McLeod, he perpetrated mass murder in Denver. In this episode, I reflect.

Episode 16: Ritual, Community, and Cycles—with Kaitlin Ilya Wolf

In this episode, I talk with Kaitlin Ilya Wolf, Priestess of Cycles, about Earth-based celebrations, connecting with the divine, how village and ritual nurture each other, what it means for the veil to thin at Samhain, the work our ancestors are wanting to do with us, the meaning of initiation, reclaiming transitions through personal ritual, how the Red Tent movement got started, the Red Tent as a place for women to speak the unspeakable, and the power of ritual to bind humans to their land.

Episode 17: Quantum Divining—with Brandon Dey (Part 1)

In this vintage two-part conversation (recorded 6 February 2020), I talk with Brandon Dey, Director of The Breatharian Institute of America, about using Quantum Divining to access your inner wisdom, as well as the unseen. Together, we explore what divining is; how divining differs from dowsing; what the ego is good for; how to get started as a diviner; how divining can change your life—and much more!

Episode 18: Quantum Divining—with Brandon Dey (Part 2)

Episode 19: Bike to the Future—with Gregg Zuman

In this episode, I talk with Gregg Zuman, founder of Revolution Rickshaws and Revolution X (and also my husband), about a certain e-commerce giant’s attempt to launch an ambitious NYC trike program, how the city government could help freight cycling expand, how COVID has affected trike-based activity, how a New York State law capping cycle width at thirty-six inches has scuttled some promising experiments, and why it takes an ecosystem to effect a mode shift.

Episode 20: What Should I Delete from My Life?

Do you feel like your life is cluttered with stuff you don’t want? Are you looking to clear space in your schedule for the work it will take to accomplish an impossible goal? Do you compulsively keep yourself busy, because you’re afraid of the mean shit you’ll say to yourself if you don’t? Yup, I’ve faced those challenges too. And, with the help of a bunch of handy dandy coaching tools, made some progress toward traction and calm.

Episode 21: Story Traps & How to Escape Them

Ever get stuck in a story trap? It could be as small as a thought or as large as a cult. If you’re human, the answer is most probably yes. But you may not be aware that this is happening, or how to escape. Let me help!

Episode 22: How to Allow People to Be Wrong about You

What do you do when you receive criticism? If you’re anything like me, you might default to, “Oh, no! I’m secretly fucked up! In ways this person can see but I can’t!” But…what if there are other options? What if other people’s opinions have everything to do with them, and nothing to do with you?

Episode 23: Where’s My TIME MACHINE?

Ever wished for a time machine? I have—most recently, when I discovered that my payment for a film option was going to be half what I’d expected, and decided I’d done myself out of a significant amount of money by choosing the “wrong” thing. Find out how I made peace with the past—and how you can do the same.

Episode 24: How I Made Money with My Mind

Do you struggle with money? Do you believe you can’t make lots of it without selling out? Do you suspect that the financial system was expressly created to keep people like you from doing work they love? Yup, yup—been there, thought that. As recently as 2018. I don’t anymore. Find out, in this episode, how I went from barely scraping by to making nearly $10K per month, and amassing a $10K surplus. Hint: I didn’t rely on changes in my circumstances.

Episode 25: Let’s Fail! A Cure for Do-It-Right-Itis

I’m a recovering A student. With the exception of a couple deliberate lapses my second year of college, I spent sixteen years rabidly focused on getting good grades. Alas, what works in school does not work so well in business, or life. Thus, I have a lot to unlearn. Maybe you do too. If so, this episode is for you!

Episode 26: How to Dissolve Obsession

When you’re obsessed with someone, it can seem like you have no choice: this person exists in your world, arouses your fascination, irresistibly compels you. But what if obsession has everything to do with you, and nothing to do with them? And what if you can dissolve it by re-centering—on yourself?

Episode 27: Honoring My Body, Honoring Food

As a kid, I ate anything—the junkier, the better. As a teenager, I starved myself for almost two years. Then I moved to Zendik Farm, where food became a proxy for control. In this episode, I share my journey with food and my body, and how I’ve found a measure of peace by claiming my sovereignty and learning shit I can’t forget about where food comes from.

Episode 28: How a Story Saved My Teeth

In October 2020, I developed a severe toothache. One dentist wanted to give me a root canal; another wanted to remove my tooth altogether. In their story, my tooth was dead, and disconnected from the rest of my body. Fortunately, I came up with a better story—and got to keep my tooth.

Episode 29: First Aid for Overwhelm

When I took a month off to travel Scotland, I realized I’d been using my calendar as a torture device. Listen in to find out how my fear of wasting time caused me to waste my energy; how I eliminated my shadow schedule; and how YOU can get first aid for overwhelm, while learning to treat yourself with kindness.

Episode 30: Cleaning Out Your Closet—with Your Future Self

What if your future self hired you as her interior designer? What would you release and what would you keep? What would you make room for? Join me as I do the deep work of cleaning out my closet—and retiring past selves.

Episode 31: 3 Thought Errors That Will Kill Your Book—and How to Fix Them

It took me twelve years to write, revise, and publish my first book. Many times, I could have given up—and I would have, if I had allowed the three sneaky thought errors described in this episode to have their way. Listen in to find out what those errors were, and how I kicked their butts all the way to publication.

Episode 32: A Cure for Climate Anxiety

Does climate change alarm you? Maybe that’s because thinking in terms of carbon emissions, on a global scale, is a mindfuck. How do we take our power back? Listen in to find out!

Episode 33: Your First Book—Good Enough? Or Perfect?

Are you procrastinating on your book project because you want it to be perfect? Tune in to find out how I danced with perfectionism while writing my first book, and why I’m choosing a different story for my second.

Episode 34: If I’d Had a Life Coach Would I Have Joined a Cult?

Transition can be tough, especially when you’re young and don’t trust yourself. Tune in to learn how my own transition to life after school might have been different if I’d had a truly inquisitive ally—and how coaching can foster self-trust.

Episode 35: Work Soft, Not Hard

I’m a recovering valedictorian; I spent the first seventeen years of my life chasing academic perfection. Yet my garden—by design—is a riotous mess. WTF? What can plants, and taking care of them, teach us about “hard” work?

Episode 36: Farewell for Now

Fellowbeings, I’m taking a break to see what else might germinate. For news of future sproutings, make sure to join my email list, at