Hello fellowbeings!

Welcome to Caledonia Coaching.

(Why Caledonia? Because I think it’s the most beautiful word in existence. Because I’m part Scottish, and obsessed with Scotland. Because back when I thought I might give birth to a human—as opposed to a business—I was planning, if I had a girl, to name her Caledonia.)

My job, as a life coach, is to help you escape whatever stories are holding you hostage so you can rock your one wild and precious life.

The main tool I use, as a coach, is the Model (conceived by Life Coach School founder Brooke Castillo; I will be certified by LCS on May 23, 2022). It’s based on a few premises: that circumstances—facts—are neutral, i.e., don’t mean anything until we have a thought about them. That our thoughts create our feelings, which drive our actions, which determine our results.

Why is the Model revolutionary? Because it gives us our power back. It shows us how we’re creating what we think we’re only observing—and thereby empowers us to create something else.

I’m a living, breathing example of the power of the Model. In the past year-plus, I’ve used it to

  • Substitute gigs I care about for a gig I was doing only for the money
  • Get better sleep
  • Radically decrease the number and intensity of fights I have (and increase the amount of intimacy I feel) with my husband
  • Neutralize misplaced guilt
  • Start a podcast
  • Set an impossible goal
  • Make serious progress on my novel
  • Tame my calendar
  • Create a healthy relationship with the Internet
  • Field criticism with equanimity
  • Give myself free time
  • Quit freaking out over whether I have conversation partners at parties
  • Get over my fear of following up

And that’s just the beginning! There’s much more to come.

Okay, now let’s talk about you. What are you craving? Yearning for? Dreaming of? What do you wish you could change? What creation can you see in your mind’s eye (or hear in your mind’s ear)? With whom (or what) do you wish to commune? What connections do you wish you could make?

Forty-four is my favorite number. So when I turned forty-four, on December 27, 2020, I promised myself that I would make that year epic. Exit my cave. Do shit that scared me. Quit putting off my next raft of adventures.

And I did.

Will this be the year you decide to do the same?

If so—I can help.

I can help you get unstuck. Finally start writing that novel, that chapbook, that screenplay, that album, that memoir. Form that habit you know would change everything. Kick to the curb whatever gremlins are keeping you distracted. Find out what your fears are, face them, and do that scary thing anyway.

Along the way, you’ll

  • Start feeling better.
  • Gain a better understanding of why you act as you do.
  • Start making stronger choices.
  • Gain fresh perspective on your life that will open up new avenues.
  • Trust yourself more.
  • See a broader range of possibilities.
  • Start interrogating your own stories.
  • Start spotting story traps and figuring out how to escape them.
  • Stop believing everything you think.
  • Start believing that, in any given situation, you have multiple options that work.


Scared but excited?

Let’s talk!

Send me an email——and we’ll set up a call.

Or go here, to read more about what a consultation entails.

* * *

News flash! Free webinar—“Let’s Fail! A Cure for Do-It-Right-Itis”—Monday, 30 May 2022, 4-5 P.M. Eastern, via Zoom.

(Yup, that’s Memorial Day. You’ll get to memorialize your do-it-right-itis.)

In the webinar, we’ll cover: thought errors associated with “doing it right”; the costs of “do-it-right-itis”; a cure for this debilitating disease (yes, one cure—I’m not going to pretend I’ve got this “right”); and what you win when you get to the other side.

We’ll also have plenty of time for questions, and—if you’re feeling brave—I can even coach you live.


Sign up here.

I promise, you’ll come away with some brave new thoughts about success and failure; I also promise I will not do it “right.”

* * *

Okay! Let’s end with some reports from the front, i.e., some yields received by a few of my honored coachees:

“[Helen] was genuinely interested in my success and made sure that our coaching time together was used productively. There was a good follow through from one session to the next so that progress built. [She] helped me with the process of working on a long term project I have been struggling with, and with a couple of immediate work situations.”

“The weekly accountability and making space to explore what’s underneath the surface. I appreciated your expert reflecting back and summarizing of the situation, helped me to clarify my thoughts.”

“My last session was very impactful and clear about how I view myself and how I need to upgrade my self worth.”

“I like the way you tracked all that I said. you seemed to have a script to follow, yet felt to me you held it loosely, with spaciousness for me to wander off in the woods….”

“You helped me reframe my experiences with a very negative, disempowering-feeling relationship in my life. I often repeat to myself ‘My inner compass is much stronger than I give myself credit for.’ And things in my life that seem big and scary suddenly look a lot smaller.”

A simple shift in perspective about the difficulty of the next thing I need to do about my business. Helen drew a correlation between the way I’ve taught myself other skills and how I can learn website set up in the same way.”

“The reminder that creativity requires periods of dormancy; the suggestion that my over-scheduling was creating a sort of trap or prison that limits my freedom.”

“It helped me to see that what I thought I wanted wasn’t what I really wanted. Also I was reminded that periods of lack of motivation are normal for me and impermanent (so far).”

“We ended at exactly what I needed to hear – that I need to give myself permission to slow down and go at my own pace! Thank you!!! :)”

“Examining a single, specific situation from my life was very helpful. That felt very different from what I typically do, which is usually to focus on the overarching problem. Focusing on a specific situation was easier to wrap my mind around. It also helped me find the thread that connects different events in my life and ultimately creates the overarching pattern. Thank you for your help.”

“Figuring out the links between different feelings and thoughts and actions that I take (or have taken). I liked it when I was challenged to consider why it would be a problem to feel regret. I felt that by speaking aloud about the problem with someone else it helped me to understand the issue a bit better (with different perspective) and to start considering different solutions.”

Digging deep to access what I feel in situations I feel challenged by and reframing self-talk when I think about those situations. Being challenged to consider what I think will happen in my disastercizing. Thank you, Helen!”

“I think just having some one encouraging me to articulate my thoughts and goals. Working through each question Helen asked and having the time and space to think about my answer and then articulate it was very valuable. Helen was encouraging, but gentle in her approach, which was helpful.”