Quantum Divining with Brandon Dey

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Undercurrents Episode #3 (5 February 2020): Quantum Divining with Brandon Dey

If you’ve ever dabbled in metaphysics, you’ve probably heard someone say, “You already know everything you need to know; the answers lie within.” And you may have replied, if only silently, “Great. Thanks. Now how do I get them out?”

In this episode of Undercurrents, Brandon Dey, Director of The Breatharian Institute of America, explains how to access your own wisdom—and, more broadly, the unseen—through a practice called Quantum Divining. Together, we explore what divining is; how divining differs from dowsing; what the ego is good for; how to get started as a diviner; how divining can change your life—and much more!

For additional background, and further info, check out:

Hanna Kroeger, her Peaceful Meadow Retreat, and her book, God Helps Those Who Help Themselves;

Raymon Grace and his book, Techniques That Work for Me;

Girl Water Diviner (1954)” (on YouTube);

The Breatharian Institute of America;

Quantum Divining;

and the American Society of Dowsers (Brandon will be speaking at the 2020 ADS Convention, June 3-7, in Plymouth, NH).

Follow Brandon on Instagram: @breatharianinstitute, @deyofamerica; to contact him, email institute@breatharian.com.


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