The Beauty of Bar Fights with SANCTION Author Roman McClay

by helenzuman in General

Here’s the long-awaited second episode of my podcast, Undercurrents! Enjoy!

Episode #2 (12 December 2019): The Beauty of Bar Fights with SANCTION Author Roman McClay

Roman McClay holds forth on Sanction as mind virus (and decoder ring for the sigma male); the beauty of forest fires and bar fights; decluttering the world (so God can find his damn toothbrush); and the strange and varied nature of the Sanction tribe.

Go here to buy Sanction books, posters, euchre cards, coffee mugs, and T-shirts; sign up for the Sanction mailing list; watch Sanction films; and check out the Sanction blog. Find Roman on Twitter @mcclay_roman.

Go here to check out my memoir of five years in a cult, Mating in Captivity. Find me on Twitter @HelenZuman.

4 Responses to “The Beauty of Bar Fights with SANCTION Author Roman McClay”

  1. Roman McClay says:

    Helen is the coolest

  2. Rachel says:


    Thank you for this. Enjoyed it immensely. I’m in the first 1/3 of Sanction 1 and, like most readers, am already “fucked up”. You and Roman both used the word ruin/ruins/ruined repeatedly and I simply must share with you my Ruins Project. Like Sanction, it’s impossible to describe in one sentence but I keep trying. An abandoned coal mine turned outdoor mosaic museum that tells the story of the American Coal miner while fostering excellence from artists around the world. Roman is invited and may someday visit. I will be listening to your other podcasts. You have a deceptively casual interviewing style. You get right to the meat.
    http://www.sagermosaics.com #theruinsproject

    • helenzuman says:

      Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for your kind comments (and for listening). I googled “the ruins project” and found an article about it, as well as some photos. It looks awesome! Also, it brings to mind this ruined abbey on the isle of Iona, in Scotland, to which I made a pilgrimage of sorts last winter. I’ve always liked ruins. When I was growing up in Brooklyn, my dad used to take us on long walks down to these abandoned docks his father had once frequented, as captain of a ship in the merchant marine. I loved seeing the green grow up through the concrete. And, just recently, I got to visit this ruined dairy barn at a former Shaker village in upstate New York. It was just breathtaking. And (again) the photo of me on the front page of my website was taken on the ruined porch of one of the buildings at the Western North Carolina location of the cult Roman and I once belonged to! The text on that page (also the last line of my memoir) is, “Vining through the ruins, human ties remain.”

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