Do you enjoy broaching taboo subjects—like money, sex, death, and choosing, as an adult, to pick your nose?

Do you love delving beneath the surface stories that most people assume explain how it is and why it’s going to stay that way, forever and ever, amen?

Do you delight in synchronicity, and listen for messages from sources unseen?

When you watched The Matrix, for the first time, did you freak the fuck out, because you knew that you were in the matrix and it was real?

If so, you’ll love Undercurrents!

For each episode, I converse with a guest who has some weird take on one or more types of Undercurrents, and invite you to listen in.

So grab your etheric scuba gear—or just hold your nose!—and come along with me for one exhilarating underwater swim!

Episode #1 (20 August 2019): Live vs. Dead Power with Trike Impresario Gregg Zuman

Episode #2 (12 December 2019): The Beauty of Bar Fights with SANCTION Author Roman McClay

Episode #3 (5 February 2020): Quantum Divining with Brandon Dey