Chocolate Church – The Podcast

Episode 1—“Relationships, Relationships, Relationships”: Mutual Aid as a Way of Life with Zev Friedman

In this episode, I interview Zev Friedman, a resident of Earthaven Ecovillage and the founder and creative director of Co-operate WNC. Listen in as we discuss how Americans of European ancestry have lost our indigeneity and how we can (slowly) reclaim it; creating cultural capacity vs. striving for purity; regenerative and relational economics; holistic carbon accounting; disaster cooperativism; judicious deindustrialization; how to transform kudzu from problem to solution; tribal constellations vs. the nuclear family; conflict as a gateway to growth; why the best-laid permaculture plans often fail; and the genius of the regional scale.


Inside Biosphere X—with Acre Qiu (Part 1)

In this two-part conversation, I talk with Acre Qiu—of Biosphere X and Newburgh, New York—about urban homesteading, preparing for the next mass movement, statism, the Dunbar number, hypernormalization in Russia and China, omnigamy, what’s missing from modern life, the dangers inherent in participating in getting what you need to survive (and thrive), temporary hierarchy, keeping guinea pigs, financial independence, gaining sovereignty over one’s time, and the joys and hazards of building a tribe.


Inside Biosphere X—with Acre Qiu (Part 2)


Post-Cult Thrival—with Gerette Buglion

In this episode, I talk with Gerette Buglion, author of An Everyday Cult and co-creator of #igotout, about the number one cult myth, the cult of Trump, the patterns common to how cult members claim their freedom, writing as a form of reckoning, how it feels to step into heresy, and how cult dynamics play out in the wider world.