Lead Magnet Audit

Are people signing up for your lead magnet, only to vanish without taking the next step?

Maybe they got confused.

Or bored.

Or overwhelmed.

Or stuck.

I’ll figure out what’s flummoxing them, and how to fix it.

Let’s do this!

How it works:

  • You pay the $250 $50 fee (by clicking the “Buy Now” button below).
  • After check-out, you fill out a simple Google form (email, name, URL of your lead magnet).
  • I review your lead magnet.
  • We schedule a half-hour Zoom call.
  • On the Zoom call (which you can record), I lead you, step by step, through my recommendations.
  • You implement my recommendations.
  • More of your leads heed your CTA and take the next step!