Podcast interviews, articles, reviews:

Episode 13: Helen Zuman on Zendik Farm & Mating in Captivity, her memoir—Project Hope (3 February 2021)

Book Talk 2020, The Top 10 to 6—Book Talk with Kory French (31 December 2020)

How I Ended Up in a “Neo-Hippy” Cult—VICE (17 October 2020)

Episode 139: Helen Zuman “Mating in Captivity”—i want what SHE has (30 September 2020)

Just Another Minute (Season One, Episode Three)—Just Another Minute with Terry Fairchild (26 September 2020)

Episode 323: The Importance of Composting in the Writing Process—Interview with Helen Zuman—DIY MFA Radio (16 September 2020)

Zendik Farm—Let’s Talk About Sects, Episode 25 (15 September 20)

Cult victim reveals how she fell prey to a polyamorous environmental commune—Afternoons with Deborah Knight, 2GB Radio (10 September 2020)

Helen Zuman: Mating in Captivity (A Memoir)—WritersCast (8 September 2020)

Episode 19: Zendik “Arts Farm”—That’s So Fucked Up (28 August 2020)

Interview with Helen Zuman about Zendik Farm—Cults, Cryptids, and Conspiracies (29 July 2020)

What It’s Like…to Join a Cult (for Helen)—What It’s Like (13 July 2020)

Episode 69: Helen Zuman—The Downtown Writers Jam (29 June 2020)

Zendik Farm—Interview with Ex-Member (Part 2)—The Cult Vault (12 June 2020)

Zendik Farm—On Belief (9 June 2020)

Zendik Farm—Interview with Ex-Member (Part 1)—The Cult Vault (6 June 2020)

Book Marketing in Troubled Times—The Pages & Platforms Podcast (4 June 2020)

“Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution”—Zendik Farm—Cults, Coffee, & Conversation (4 June 2020)

A Surreal Talk with Helen Zuman, Author and Former Cult Member—Surreal Talk (21 May 2020)

Interview with former member of Zendik Farm—Cults and Crime Podcast (11 May 2020)

Mating in Captivity by Helen Zuman—Book Talk with Kory French, on BTR Today (7 May 2020)

Conversation #14: Cults—Book Chat at North Shore Library (24 April 2019)

So Mote It Be—Goose Chase Podcast, Episode 67 (6 February 2019)

Balling for the Revolution—Goose Chase Podcast, Episode 64 (16 January 2019)

Interview with HELEN ZUMAN, writer and former member of Zendik Farms [sic]—video by The Real Lady Killers (29 September 2018)

Remembering Zendik: Mating in Captivity—book review by Chris Roth for Communities magazine (2 August 2018)

Zendik Farms | Yay Cults Ep. 2 [sic]—video by The Real Lady Killers (29 June 2018)

From high flyer to sex slave: Cults that prey on successful women—article by Jane Mulkerrins for You Magazine/The Daily Mail (16 June 2018)

Books to Read in May 2018—book roundup for Chronogram (1 May 2018)

Leaving Zendik Farm—article by Alison Rooney for The Highlands Current (9 May 2017)

Brooklyn Gift Circle: Experiment in Sacred Economics at Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture—video by Dror Khan (22 November 2014)

Helen Newman’s Apocalypse—article by Philip Weiss (New York Observer website, 8 May 2006—12 years to the day before the pub date of Mating in Captivity!)

Bonus! I appear as a character in the following books:

Sanction (Flat Black Ink Corp 2018, 2019), by Roman McClay

Grace without God: The Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging in a Secular Age (Harper Wave 2016), by Katherine Ozment

From the Ground Up: A Food Grower’s Education in Life, Love, and the Movement That’s Changing the Nation (Spiegel & Grau 2013), by Jeanne Nolan