Positive Brainwashing, with Bagpipes

by helenzuman in General

Federal Reserve Notes in the Ferns

Each morning, I engage in what I call “positive brainwashing”—I listen to a voice memo of myself reading a series of supportive texts (written in response to prompts from kick-ass life and career coach Sarah Mac), with the first few songs of The Complete Scottish Bagpipe Collection playing in the background. Here’s one such text; perhaps it will inspire you to draft a prayer of your own.

I wake each morning to a hear-pounding wave of excitement for what’s in store.

I gain a level of exposure for my book and my writing that’s beyond anything I’ve yet imagined.

I feel energized, fleissig—flowing as the river flows—and thrilled to be alive.

Through greater honesty and more vigorous exercise of my intuition, I make room for those I interact with—especially those I care about—to be more honest, and more collaborative, with me.

I publish pieces that start big, broad conversations, on a local, regional, and national level.

I write with God as my audience, and my soul as arbiter of what’s appropriate; I welcome disagreement and conflict.

I generate $10,000 per month in income from writing and related work that engages all parts of me.

I inspire friends, relations, and strangers to step into, and share, their own difficult truths.

I experience frequent moments of true communion.

I’m regularly moved to generative tears.

I’m at ease with taking big, bold risks that scare the crap out of me; I’m fine with being wrong.

I faithfully follow through on impulses accompanied by what my body knows is a good kind of fear.

I’m more afraid of blocking what wants to move through me than failing, or fucking up.

I experience each day as a brilliant swirl of color; I know I am giving my all, always.

I let my heart lead the way.

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  1. Hi Helen! Thanks for introducing yourself to me the other night – I hope to be in touch again – I will look for your book – Lee Ann Brown, Tender Buttons Press

    • helenzuman says:

      Thanks, Lee Ann! It was good to meet you, and flesh out the North Carolina connection; thanks for taking the time to talk with me. And congrats on Lord Nose!

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