Why My Chocolate Is Awesome

by helenzuman in General

This is Holy Crack! You can buy it on Etsy, at Chocolate Church.

It’s awesome. Here’s why:

It’s made of the highest-quality ingredients—the kind that both nourish your body and help regenerate the web of life.

The cacao is raw, organic, direct trade, and imported by a company just across the Hudson River from the chocolate maker, in upstate New York.

The honey is raw, and comes from an apiary in northern Vermont that manages its hives organically, and is far more local to the chocolate maker than certified organic outfits in, say, New Zealand. Or Brazil.

The coconut oil is cold-pressed, organic, fair trade, and made by Dr. Bronner’s, one of the most ethical and generous companies on the planet.

Because the cacao is raw, and not alkalized, you get the benefit of all those yummy flavonoids.

Its kick comes from theobromine, not caffeine—which opens the heart.

It connects you to your fellowbeings.

It gives you a morale boost.

It promotes celebration.

It helps you get your work done.

It encourages mindful enjoyment, not mindless consumption.

It invites you to feel fully, not numb out.

It asks you to experience chocolate as a source of pleasure, and a sacrament—rather than an addiction you feel guilty about.

It can energize you in the morning, or keep you alert when it’s past your bedtime but you have to push through.

It honors your body, mind, heart, and soul.

It comes in a ball, not a bar—so it’s easy to eat just one.

It comes at a price that encourages you to honor each bite.

It’s sugar-free.

It’s dairy-free.

It disincludes preservatives.

It’s made in small batches, in a wooden bowl, in a mostly petro-free eco-home.

It’s delicious.

It’s satisfying.

It’s handmade.

It’s hand-labeled and -packaged.

It comes in a reusable glass jar.

It makes a great gift for your favorite chocolate lover (think birthdays, Christmas, Hannukah, Easter, Mother’s Day).

Some like it hard, some like it soft—you can refrigerate it, or not.

It invites you to commune with your best self, as you both worship at Chocolate Church.

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